Shelley White

Shelley White manages The Linda B. and Robert B. Wiggins Wellness and Integrative Health Center at the Huntsman Cancer Institute.  The center offers more than three dozen choices to people affected by cancer including staff and loved ones of patients being treated at HCI.  Uniquely, therapeutic services are offered on site, within our clinical academic medical setting.  The center includes two physicians form the Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (MD and DO), six cancer exercise physiologists, eighteen group fitness instructors, two psychotherapists, four acupuncturists, three registered dieticians, eight massage therapists, six creative arts therapists (art, music, and writing), and five support staff.  Previously, since she is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, she oversaw HCI’s Patient and Family Support services. White is currently co-investigator on several projects related mind-body factors in cancer survivorship. She is pursuing a PhD in the University of Utah, College of Nursing and hopes to contribute to arts in medicine and health and the science of integrative health practices.